Our everyday-life in the Continental Kinderwelt

Here at the Continental Kinderwelt every day is about the wellbeing and interests of "our"kids. We are always there to support them and to give them the security and hands they sometimes need!

During their play children learn with each other and from each other. They start to explore their world and during their play they learn everything they need for their own development: communication skills, tolerance, selfconfidence and a lot more. Everyday at the Continental Kinderwelt offers new possibilities and options to explore their boundaries and exceed them!

Appreciation for the individual needs of each child

We know, that each child has their very own needs, that need to be heard. That is the main focus of our educational concept, on which we build our everyday life here at the daycare-center. We offer the kids a lot of freedom to explore the world on their own pace, make their own experiences and learn.

When planning any activities we always make sure that the individual stages of development of the kids are met, aswell as their interests and needs. That´s why the cooperation with parents and caregivers is an important aspect of our work aswell. They are the ones, who know their kids best and we strive to achieve a level of partnership with them in order to achieve the best for their kids. Parents are always welcome to have a personal talk with us about their experiences, ideas and the development of their child.

We offer the secure base
for their expedition through the world

Our everyday-life is the base for their expedition through the world. We use rituals, loving support and attentive teachers to help them along their way. Singing, role-plays, outdoor-play and eating together are also important factors of our work.

Everyday offers new, endless possibilities. Challenges want to be accomplished and borders want to be exceeded: children learn from and with each other and discover their creativity, courage and selfconfidence.

Our center-song


Hello, Bon Jour, Buenos Dias, G’day, Guten tag, Konichiwa,
Ciao, Shalom, Dobrej Djen.

Hello to all the children of the world!

We live in different places from all around the world,
We speak in many different ways –
Though some things might be different, we’re children just the same,
And we all like to sing and play.

Hello, Bon Jour, Buenos Dias, G’day, Guten tag, Konichiwa,
Ciao, Shalom, Dobrej Djen.

Hello to all the children of the world!

There are children in the deserts, and children in the towns.
And children who live by the sea. If we could meet each other,
to run and sing and play.
Then what good friends we all could be.

Do you want to help our kids explore the world?

We are always looking for adventurer, that join our everyday-expeditions. Apply now and be a part of our team!