We think and act sustainable!

Our mission is to create awareness for environment- and climate protection.
We think that sustainability should be the norm for all generations, but especially for the younger ones.

Here at the Continental Kinderwelt we are constantly on the hunt for climate- and environmental friendly improvements and projects:

-the hummingtops are no longer using single-use plastic-bags for their dirty clothes. Together with their parents they decided to reusable wetbags instead!

-our kitchen-fairies are creating new vegetarian meals every week to be meat-free on at least 4 out of 5 business days. That saves a lot of ressources and is good for our environment.

-we have our own little kitchen-garden, to show the kids where herbs, fruits and veggies are coming from and how they need to be cared for to grow succesfully. This way even our smallest learn, that an unripe tomato is green and hard and how a blackberrybush looks like.

-with so many children running and playing around, we have tons of laundry to do. That´s why we have a super energy-efficient washing-machine and dryer. Whenever it is possible, we try to waive the dryer-use and dry our sheets, pillows, towels, washcloth and stuffed animals outside on our drying rack!

-to save valuable paper-ressources we try to change our written parent-communication, invitations and reminders from paper-based to e-mails and other digital forms of communication.

-our co-worker Vivian is regulary doing environment-projects with the sommersprossen-group. For example they collected trash, learned how to sort it properly and discovered where bees are coming from and how they live.

-Kinder Kinder! 4companies GmbH is encouraging all employees to use public-transportation systems and pays (almost completely) for their monthly ticket. Luckily the train station is right next to our daycare-center, so we have easy access to it aswell.

-we love recycling and reusing old things. That´s why we already have a diy-outdoor-mud kitchen for our children made by parents and from old wooden pallets filled with old kitchen utensils.

-single-use plastic is not an option for us. We use regular dishes at all activities and partys.