Educational Concept

of the Continental Kinderwelt
Children are their own directors of education

Every child is unique with it´s own dreams and plans. We follow the ideas of Jean Piaget who said: "The children are their own directors of education!" The child is always the focus of our work! We support individual interests and strengths, aswell as high spirits and curiosity!

With us children have the space to move, explore and navigate through adventures.
They also have limitless options to try things by
themselves and discover their abilities.

We are always there to support them
and to give them the security and hands
they sometimes need!

These are the main focuses of our educational concept

Language & Bilingualism

Music & Rhytmics


Nature- and Experiential Education


Our educational focuses are an important part of our educational concept: Exercise is helping the kids to get to know their bodies and abilities, Bilingualism (german and english) with the immersion-method is providing the kids with a fun and playful way to learn new languages. The children are "bathing" in the new language and experience it every day. That´s why our focus on language and bilingualism is so special!

Two more focuses are Music & Rhytmics and Creativity: together with the kids we are discovering and unlocking their interests, skills and talents. They learn to use their voice in different volume levels, aswell as their handling of sand, paint and different creative materials. Nature- and Experiental Education are also really important parts of our Everyday Life and our projects.

Do you have any questions regarding our educational concept ?

Please Contact our daycare-center manager Ms. Christoph.