The team of the Continental Kinderwelt

Here at the Continental Kinderwelt gumboot-lovers meet chocolate-treasure hunters and wooden-spoon-swinging kitchen explorers!

That´s the team that makes children´s eyes sparkle:


Beatriz Christoph


Educator, Graduate Montessori-Educator, Qualified Daycare-Center Manager

Laughter is my singing.

Wherever Bea is around, life gets more intense! Music in her heart, a song, a smile - her power and high spirits embrace and hug everyone around her and keep the center running! That´s why she can´t be without her guitar, her radio and her drum. One day she will put her family and loved ones in a VW-Bulli and travel the world with them!

Vivian Nikolaou

Master in pädagogischer Psychologie, englischsprachig

Gratitude is the attitude.

Vivian is the gratitude in person. She loves to accompany the small ones on their expeditions and be present when they do something new for the very first time! She dreams of meeting penguins in the wild once and wants to sleep in a water-bungalow! A healthy and sustainable lifestyle is very important for her - it would also be the perfect topic for her youtube-channel!

Jennifer Goltzsch


Every day owns at least one miracle.

Jennifer is a caring person of the heart with a big portion of "control freak". She is great organiser but still keeps an open ear for others. Jennifer loves judo and would really love to visit Micky and Minnie Mouse in Disneyland.

Virginia Ullmann


Our lively minimalist

Water, food and her bed - Virginia doesn´t need a lot to be happy. She would love to see kangaroos and koalas, swim with dolphins and publish her own book.


Erzieherin, englischsprachig

Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground!

Emily is always smiling! With both feets on the ground and the view to the sky she travels the world. Her secret plan is to collect tattoos from all over the world as keepsakes! Let´s hope that she never runs out of empty spaces!

Marie Hofmann


Happiness is enjoying the little things in life.

With Marie you can be sure to experience awesome nature-adventures. Forests, fields or the garden: she always finds mudpods, insects, sticks and everything else that keeps us and the kids happy! She finds magic in the small things: minimalism and clear structures are her favourites. Marie really likes the scandinavian hygge-style and would love to see the polar lights!

Kassandra Könemann


To be prepared is half the victory!

For Kassandra going somewhere without her backpack is a no-go! She puts her guitar and hand-sanitizer in there and after everything is planned out, nothing can stop her anymore! While writing her own songs, she dreams of her own music-studio.


Erzieherin, Fachwirtin für Kindertageseinrichtungen

There is nothing better than essential oils!

Tina is attached to essential oils: you could easily call her an expert for that! Maybe that will also be the topic of her first book. While biking through Hannover she dreams of visiting a lavender farm.


Bachelor of Arts Bildung und Erziehung im Kindesalter (Kindheitspädagogik), englischsprachig

Let me help you to find your way.

Finja loves to travel the world: as a confessing travel-addict she already saw 5 out of 7 continents. Maybe that´s where she got her incredible perseverance. We love her for her big heart and happiness.

Kristin Vollmers

Bachelor of Arts Kindheitspädagogik

Sunshine in sweatpants

Kristin is our always smiling sunshine. One day she would love to cuddle a koala and sleep under the stars! At home she is a chef in sweatpants. We also appreciate her for her open ears and listening skills!

Jessica Kahlmeyer


Strength lies in peace.

Jessica is always well structured and organised. That why literally nothing can fluster her (we keep trying though). Next to all the structure she is also really creative with our children. That´s probably why she counts pencils, her car and her smartphone for her must-haves.

Lisa Stengel

systemische Familienberaterin

With both feets into the adventure!

Lisa grew up in a small village! That´s why she loves the nature, weather and everything in between! Adventures, freedom, friends! She is a huge paris fan but also likes to be in gumboots or even better barefeet!

Katja Kalies

Ganzheitliche Ernährungsberaterin, Köchin

The kitchen-adventurer

Katja cooks everything that´s tasty! Her motto is: everything that´s tasty can be healthy too! Whoever thinks that that is to complicated: just come by and try a spoonful - but leave some for us! Without her favourite knive she never leaves her house!

Renata Herrmann


The chocolate-treasure hunter.

Renia loves animals, nature and exotic vacations! She is a certified diver and discovers new worlds! That also counts for reading on her kindle. And at home? She is always on the hunt/dive for chocolate!
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