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Private non-profit organisation for bilingual daycare-centers in Hannover

As a private non-profit organisation in Hannover, we want to support companies to improve their compability of working and family. We care for everything: from the very first meeting to the running daycare-business, while the companies can focus completely on their own businesses. We put our focus on professionality through teachers and the loving care of our kids. They are the most important factors for us and get everything they need for a smooth start in life.
That´s how we measure our quality
We are a owner-managed company with lots of room for feedback and communication.

Our child-teacher ratio is above the level that is required by law.

Situation- and needoriented care and work with our families. Our own aspiration for our work is really high

Children are small individuals with their own plans and hearts, that we want to support with our work and our main focuses.

Self-reflexion is really important to us. We decide for new daycare-center goals every year.

We work closely with our families and support them in a cooperative relationship.

Our employees are highly qualified and always continue their education.

We are role models: with us you can combine work and family-life.

Internal health management: we care for our employees, for example with offering massages during their worktime.

It won´t get any greener: we cook fresh and in-house.

On this page you´ll find an overview over our services for businesses and our concepts for company-daycare-centers.. Also applicants can find all important informations.

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