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Kinder Kinder! 4 companies

With Kinder Kinder 4 companies GmbH every day is special and adventurous. You can put all your talents and interests in your work. Our employees love their job and "our" children love our employees! We have highly talented adventurers, superheroes and mudlovers. Together we work on our vision to provide the best environment for "our"kids. If you want to become our newest member, this page is just right for you.

Highly-motivated but not "done" yet ?

3 options for beginners

If you want to love your job from the bottom of your heart and work with children, you should start your training with us. Endless possibilities and a varied job are waiting for you.

We offer internal courses and workshops in our own "Lernfabrik". Here you have a lot of different opportunities to grow personally aswell as professionallly. We are excited to discover your talents!

During your training you will be supported by our team. Since our child-teacher ratio is much higher than required by law we can promise a smooth and complete familiarization into the company.

With us you will find a lively feedback-culture, that is open and flexibel regarding the employees needs. Our executive-board, aswell as the daycare-center manager are always there for you and your ideas.

So werden Sie Teil unseres Teams als Auszubildende_r

There are different options for you, to start your training as a educational assistant or educator with us.

  1. The training at the "Fachschule für Sozialpädagogik", where you can do either a two-year training to be a educational assistant or a four-year training to be a educator (both are fulltime-trainings).
  2. A extra-occupational training (for lateral entrants):
    a) "educational assistant" (one year)
    b) "educator" (three and a half years)
  3. A "university study" a)"social eduation" (german: Sozialpädagogik) with the focus on early childhood education (three years bachelor program) b)"early childhood education" (german: Kindheitspädagogik (three years bachelor program)

You are excited to start your training with us ? Please apply directly to the daycare-center managers. We can´t wait to meet you!

Your application as a qualified teacher at Kinder Kinder!

We have a lot to offer for already qualified teachers. As a qualified teacher with or without experience it is easy to get a new job during these times of skills shortage. With us you are not just getting a job but room for personal and professional growth.

We offer you the chance, to incorporate your hobbies and talents into your workday. As a qualified superheroe you are supporting our kids with a helping hand and give them a wonderful start in life.

5 Reasons to be a part of Kinder Kinder 4 companies :

To make sure, that our teachers can focus completely on their tasks as adventurers and superheroes,
we strive to give them the best environment possible:

With us you can combine work and family-life.

You are never alone: our child-teacher ratio is above the level that is required by law. That way you can always trust your team to have your back.

Lots of room for continuing education and trainings, aswell as trainings in ourLernfabrik“.

Lively feedback-culture and change-management.

Great catering with our center-based kitchen-teams.

You want to apply ?

Here´s how!

Our application-process is uncomplicated and we can´t wait to meet you! Here you will also find all important informations and contacts. Our daycare-center managers and executive board are excited to meet you for the interview! After a successful in- group visit it´s almost time to start!