The way to your own company-daycare-center

The company-daycare-center as a benefit for future-oriented businesses

Lack of qualified personnel and demographic change in a global working-world puts more and more businesses under pressure. It´s a huge challenge to tie the employees to the business. Fluctuation is high, aswell as costs for familiarization and hiring-process. Businesses that want to build a sustainable team need to make sure, that their employees are satisfied and happy.

For businesses a company-daycare-center owns a huge potential. The compatibility of working and family-time is more imortant than ever and leads to more satisfied and happy employees!

To know that their kids are well cared for relieves the parents and they can work more focused. The benefit "company-daycare-center" combines family-needs of the employees and economical-needs of the company.

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- the executive board -

Stefanie Pastoor

– Geschäftsführung –

0151 22043857

The baltic-sea-pearl

As a true child of the coast, Stefanie carries the captain-gene, but in the female version. She loves to be surrounded by a lot of people, who talk and eat together and have a good time.

Melanie Redmer

– Assistentin der Geschäftsführung –


That´s how we do it!

If Melanie starts something, it is very well prepared. She is the queen of organising and always has an open ear for any problems that might occur. While using her power-screwer she dreams of her own carpentry-workshop. She can relax best while shopping at the home depot.

Sonja Fitzner

– Pädagogische Assistentin der GF, systemische Familienberaterin –


A nose for changes

For Sonja everything is possible, as long as you really want it and do it. Coming from hamburg, she really likes the wind in her face and the most important things in her sight: her children.

- the back office-

Laura Katzer

Ehrenamtliche Mitarbeiterin
Laura is our volunteer office-assistant in the Continental Kinderwelt.

Eugen Müller

Eugen is our technical-problem-solver. He always wants to learn more and loves his Atari 2600 aswell as his soldering iron.

Andrzej Nitzler

Unser Hausmeister

The world is a tool box

If Andrzej can´t fix it, it´s broken. Our bike-fan loves to help and fix things and is always on the move. That´s really helpful, because he loves to eat ;) .

Advantages of a company-daycare-center for businesses

Company-daycare-centers are a competitive advantage for businesses.
Employees and employers benefit from these advantages:
Parents can trust the childcare-service and it´s quality. That is often a main argument to chose a employer.
The competitiveness of the business is rising: a company-daycare-center has a positive effect on the external image of a company.
Knowing that their children are cared for in a high-quality-environment relieves the parents and reduces their stress levels and absence rate.
If family-life and career goals can be combined, employees are more motivated and efficient.
Happy employees are loyal to the company and change jobs less often. The costs for familiarization and hiring-process are going down.
After their parental-leave, parents can start working again earlier. That also keeps the costs for new employees down.

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The process

From planning to running the company-daycare-center

The implementation of the company-daycare-center

We support businesses during the whole process: from the very first meeting to the running daycare-business. At first we will define the main points: how can a company-daycare-center look like for your business ? How high is your need? How many groups would you need ? We want to know what kind of service you are expecting from us ?
You will receive a complete statement of cost, based on the services and standards you want. Based on our experience with numbers, you can already get a detailed insight of the project.

We look after highly trained professionals and their familiarization with the company.

Based on our experience and your performance requirements we design your unique educational conept for the company-daycare-center.
We advise you with constructional and spatial plannings, talk with architects, decorators and construction-businesses. All requirements (by law or by you) will be supervised by us. We will also talk to the youth welfare office, ministry of health and all other ministries.

We care for all administrative things such as group-planning, waiting-lists and plan parent-evenings, welcome parties for families and familiarization events for the employees

The independent business
of the daycare-center with us

After the implementation we start running our daycare-business. We care for leadership, continuing education and everyday challenges, so you can focus on your business-activities. All organisatory, financially, educationally and personelly tasks are with us. A tight cooperation with customer-business and parents is really important to us.

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