Individual concepts

for your company-daycare-center
As a private non-profit organisation in Hannover, we want to support companies to improve their compability of working and family. We care for everything: from the very first meeting to the running daycare-business, while the companies can focus completely on their own businesses. We put our focus on professionality through teachers and the loving care of our kids. They are the most important factors for us and get everything they need for a smooth start in life. Therefore we develope unique concepts that suit your needs.

We combine business-knowledge and high quality-childcare

The founder of Kinder Kinder!, Ms. Stefanie Pastoor wanted to change the childcare system completely and designed a new concept that would actually work out financially and put the focus back on high-quality childcare. With her experience as an commercial-lawyer she always keeps an eye on the economics and still has the overview about the Kinder Kinder! universe. Meanwhile her daycare-center manager can focus solely on the everyday-challenges in their centers.

Combine family-time and career-goals

The vision of Kinder Kinder! 4 companies

Kinder Kinder! 4 companies was founded with a clear vision in mind: we wanted to support businesses and their employees to combine career-goals and family-time with offering professional childcare. This way, parents can start working earlier after having a child and can solely focus on their job during the care-hours.

For businesses this is a sustainable investment: with a company-daycare-center you have a advantage to offer. Your business is more attractive for future-employees and saves money for familiarization-processes and continuing-education. You can find more advantages and informations on the following page:for businesses“.

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What´s so special about

Kinder Kinder! 4 companies GmbH ?

We want to give children the best possible start in life! Thats why we founded Kinder Kinder! gGmbH. We combine two aspects that ususally won´t fit together really well: loving childcare and professional service. We support their individual interests, foster their development and stand right next to them if they need us.

We know that every child is unique and develops in their own pace. That´s why our guiding principle is: "Children are their own directors of education!" Based on their intrinsic motivation every child is developing and acting the way they need in this exact moment. We like to compare our work to the work of a service-provider: every customer ("child") should get the best service ("education, love, attention,...") possible.With the "situation oriented approach" we use the everyday life of our kids to find ideas for fun and educational projects. We take the interests of the children serious and use their skills and points of development to create unique projects.

It is really important for us to acknowledge the needs of every single family. We are always respectful and appreciate every person, regardless of their origin, age, belief or gender. The families are the experts for their children and we are there to support them as partners.

You want to get an impression of our work? Visit the website of our company-daycare-center Continental Kinderwelt.

We design your individual concept

Based on our educational experience and in accordance with the "niedersächsische Bildungs-und Orientierungsplan" we design your individual company-daycare-center concept.

Bilingualism (german and english) with the immersion-method is a proven system to incorporate into your concept. It is providing the kids with a fun and playful way to learn new languages. The children are "bathing" in the new language and experience it every day. Other main focuses could be nature, music, rhythm or motor skills.

Cooperation with parents and caregivers is an important aspect of our work. They are the ones, who know their kids best and we strive to achieve a great level of partnership with them in order to achieve the best for their kids. Parents are always welcome to have a personal talk with us about their experiences, ideas and the development of their child.

On our website you can get an insight of our concepts for company-daycare centers .