Kinder Kinder gGmbH

That is our concept

We want to give children the best possible start in life! Thats why we founded Kinder Kinder! gGmbH. We combine two aspects that ususally won´t fit together really well: loving childcare and professional service.

Kinder Kinder! is the alternative to the conventional educational system!

Many daycare-centers have budget-issues all year around. That leads to a very low child-teacher ratio: to many children for to less teachers. On the long run this ruins the care-quality and the orginial focus on children and their wellbeing gets lost.
The founder of Kinder Kinder!, Ms. Stefanie Pastoor wanted to change the childcare system completely and designed a new concept that would actually work out financially and put the focus back on high-quality childcare. With her experience as an commercial-lawyer she always keeps an eye on the economics and still has the overview about the Kinder Kinder! universe. Meanwhile her daycare-center manager can focus solely on the everyday-challenges in their centers.

When thinking about founding a non-profit organisation it was important to focus on some huge differences to the systems, that were already existing: children should get all the attention and love they would need to develop in their best possible way.

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The child is our main focus

Our quality-requirements

We know that every child is unique and develops in their own pace. That´s why our guiding principle is: "Children are their own directors of education!" Based on their intrinsic motivation every child is developing and acting the way they need in this exact moment. We like to compare our work to the work of a service-provider: every customer ("child") should get the best service ("education, love, attention,...") possible.

Our educational focuses

and the "situation oriented approach"

Our main focuses are motor skills, language and bilingualism, music and rhythm, aswell as the experience of the nature. use these in our everyday life aswell as in our projects. For our bilingualism we use the immersion-method. The children can experience bilingualism during their everyday lifes.
With the "situation oriented approach" we use the everyday life of our kids to find ideas for fun and educational projects. We take the interests of the children serious and use their skills and points of development to create unique projects.

The parent-cooperation
and familiarization-time

For our quality requirements wo do not only count in the child-teacher ratio, but also the constant parent-teacher cooperation. We want to support our parents during the challenges of eduaction and raising a child. Our daycare-center managers aswell as our executive board are always available for ideas and concerns.

The parent-teacher cooperation starts on the very first day of daycare. Our familiarization is inspired by the munich-model and the berlin-model for familiarizations. It gives the child (and the parents) the opportunity to bond with the teachers. Every familiarization is different and needs different amounts of time, that´s why it is important to schedule enough time for that.