Nachhaltigkeit & Umweltschutz

at the Villa Kinderreich

Sustainability is an important part of our lifes, aswell as the educational concept..

We want to be role models for a sustainable lifestyle. That´s why we incorporate different projects into our Everyday Life The kids learn how to act environmental friendly in a playful way and develop awareness for the climate and environment.


Don´t dump them, collect them!

Shuuz is collecting old, used shoes and hands them to people in need. That way we reduce the huge amount of used but still usefull shoes.
How much shoes we collect each year and how that looks like we show you on our facebookpage..

Sustainable drums instead of

We also incorporate sustainability in not-so-obvious topics: music. Gerald, the educator of the sunshinekids wanted to bring something different than cake for his birthday. He wanted it to be sustainable and connected to one of his biggest passions: music. That´s why he brought all materials to create drums together with the kids.

On facebook you will find a little insight-view of our drum-action.

instead of single-use products.

We aren´t using any single-use plastics during our everyday life . Even for parties we use sustainable dishes and glassware.

For special occasions we also have special ideas. For our christmas market we created special mugs..

You want to be part of our sustainability-ideas?

You are filled with sustainable ideas ? Apply today and be a part of our Teams!