Educational Concept

of the Villa Kinderreich

Our concept is mainly based on our view of the child: we believe that every child is driven by intrinsic motivation. We follow the ideas of Jean Piaget who said: "The children are their own directors of education!".


Our educational focuses

Language & Bilingualism

Music & Dance


Nature- and Experiential Education

"The child is his own director of education!"

Our pedagogical work is characterised by the saying of Jean Piaget:

"The child is his own director of education!"

With us children have the space to move, explore and navigate through adventures. They also have limitless options to try things by themselves and discover their abilities.

Through challenges and new impulses we offer the children a variety of development opportunities in a playful way. We are there to support them - but only if they need us. We want them to make their own experiences and to follow their own path of development.

We meet the children on eye-level as individual personalities! Every child is unique with it´s own dreams and plans and we are there to support them in the best way possible.

As a bilingual daycare-center using the immersion-method, we are providing the kids with a fun and playful way to learn new languages. The children are "bathing" in the new language and experience it every day. We always have one person talking the same language (OPOL-System) .

Every child has their own needs and plans within their heart

Our everyday-life is based on our educational concept. We offer the children a world to discover, a playful way to learn and our support whenever they need it. When planning an activity we always keep their development, needs, interests and general situation of life in mind.

The cooperation with parents and caregivers is an important aspect of our work and educational concept aswell. They are the ones, who know their kids best and we strive to achieve a level of partnership with them in order to achieve the best for their kids. Parents are always welcome to have a personal talk with us about their experiences, ideas and the development of their child.

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Do you have any questions regarding our educational concept ?

Just contact our daycare-center manager Ms. Wilkening, she will be happy to answer all your questions!