The Kinder Kinder gGmbH

The non-profit organisation behind the Villa Kinderreich

The Kinder Kinder gGmbh is the organisation of the bilingual daycare-center Villa Kinderreich in Hannover. As the name already tells, everything is about children here. They are the focus of our educational concept and our daily challenge. We want to offer an alternative to already existing educational-systems: "our" children get the best start in life possible.

On this page you´ll find an overview over our Concept Superheroes who want to apply can find all informations on the Applicants-page.

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Villa Kinderreich

Waldhausenstraße 30 • 30519 Hannover
phone: 0511 / 9845 8680

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- the executive board -

Stefanie Pastoor

– Geschäftsführung –

0151 22043857

The baltic-sea-pearl

As a true child of the coast, Stefanie carries the captain-gene, but in the female version. She loves to be surrounded by a lot of people, who talk and eat together and have a good time.

Melanie Redmer

– Assistentin der Geschäftsführung –


That´s how we do it!

If Melanie starts something, it is very well prepared. She is the queen of organising and always has an open ear for any problems that might occur. While using her power-screwer she dreams of her own carpentry-workshop. She can relax best while shopping at the home depot.

Sonja Fitzner

– Pädagogische Assistentin der GF, systemische Familienberaterin –


A nose for changes

For Sonja everything is possible, as long as you really want it and do it. Coming from hamburg, she really likes the wind in her face and the most important things in her sight: her children.

- the back office-

Laura Katzer

Ehrenamtliche Mitarbeiterin
Laura is our volunteer office-assistant in the Continental Kinderwelt.

Eugen Müller

Eugen is our technical-problem-solver. He always wants to learn more and loves his Atari 2600 aswell as his soldering iron.

Andrzej Nitzler

Unser Hausmeister

The world is a tool box

If Andrzej can´t fix it, it´s broken. Our bike-fan loves to help and fix things and is always on the move. That´s really helpful, because he loves to eat ;) .
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Waldhausenstraße 30
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